Taking A Screen Capture On A PC

Taking a screen capture of your screen has many benefits, especially if your computer is misbehaving and you want to show your tech support what is going on. It is also beneficial for saving things you find online or creating guides involving your computer. In today’s post, we want to show you the different ways to take a screen capture on a PC.

Find The Print Screen Key

The Print Screen key is going to be in the top row of keys on your keyboard. It usually is after the F keys; but also may be a secondary function to a key. It will read something like ‘PRT SCRN’ or ‘PrtSc.’ If it is a secondary function to a key, you will have to press the ‘Fn’ key to make it work.

Capture Your Whole Screen

This process will allow you to capture everything on your screen (if you have multiple monitors, it will capture these as well). First, press the Print Screen key (again, you may have to press the Fn key before you press the Print Screen key). If you have multiple monitors, and only want to capture the active one, add the ‘Alt’ key to the combination.

Once the screen has been captured, it will be moved to the clipboard, allowing you to paste it in another app. Next, open up the app you want to put the capture in like Paint 3D or another image editor. From here, you can save the picture.

Capturing Multiple Screenshots

If you must capture several screenshots in quick succession, the process mentioned above may take too much time. Windows has a way to capture screenshots rapidly, saving them to a location on your computer. Thus, avoiding having to paste the capture in another app.

Press and hold the Windows Key + Print Screen (add the ‘Alt’ key to capture the active screen if you have multiple monitors). Once you complete your screenshots, you can find them in your pictures folder. File Explorer > This PC > Pictures > Screenshots.

Capturing Part Of The Screen

If you want to be more precise with your capture, there are a few options. The most common is the Snipping Tool. If you type ‘Snipping Tool’ into your Windows 10 search bar, it will come up. Microsoft is replacing the Snipping Tool with the Snip & Sketch App which functions in the same way.

When you open either app, click new in the top left-hand corner. Next, your screen will darken, and you will have the ability to drag a box around what you want to capture. By clicking the dropdown arrow, you can add a time delay to this capture. Once the screenshot has been captured, you will have the ability to edit it in the app.

To quickly pull up the Snip & Sketch app, press Shift + Windows Key + S to open it immediately.

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