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Computer Warriors Repairs

Tired of your computer crashing or freezing during crucial moments? We understand how debilitating it is to have a dysfunctional computer when you need it the most. Let Computer Warriors be your guide to making an informed decision on effective repairs.

Is your MacBook refusing to function as it should? A broken MacBook can disrupt your flow. Whether it’s a failing keyboard or shattered screen, trust us to offer solutions tailored to your needs.

Fed up with gaming interruptions due to crashes? Your gaming console should enhance your gaming experience, not hinder it. From sudden crashes to slow starts, we provide a diagnosis and solution fit for you.

Struggling with a shattered screen or unresponsive buttons on your iPhone XS? Don’t let these issues disconnect you from your world. With our guidance, choose the right repair solutions for your iPhone to run as good as new.

Is your iPad 7th Gen failing to keep up with your daily needs? From a broken screen to a faulty port, we provide comprehensive solutions for your iPad woes.

Facing difficulties with your Samsung device? Cracked displays and charging issues can be frustrating. At Computer Warriors, we help you navigate the best repair options for your Samsung.

Your Device - Our Priority

Computer Warriors Support

You want to know you’re making the right decision when it comes to fixing or replacing your device. Our trained technicians will give you all of your options, so you can make the best decision.

  • In-house service
  • Quick Response
  • Same-Day Repairs
  • Protection Plans
  • Trained Technicians
  • Computer Warriors
  • Best Buy / Geek Squad
ServicesComputer WarriorsBest Buy / Geek Squad
Diagnostic Cost$50 (Software and Hardware)$149 (Software Only)
Hardware RepairAble to Repair in HouseMajority Shipped out
CertificationsA+ and Net+ CertifiedNo Regulations
Warranty1 - Year90 Days
Average Turnaround TimeDiagnostics: 2-3 days, Repair: Average 1 week2-3 weeks
Priority Service$100 (24 hour diagnostics)Not Available

Can’t Come to Us? We’ll Come to You

Don’t have the time or want the hassle of unhooking everything and driving to the shop to drop it off? We have two options to get you up and running from the comfort of your home or remote office.

Perfect for busy families and home offices.

  • No need to unplug or transport your computer.
  • The Computer Warriors log into your device to make adjustments to software and settings.
  • Problems solved without leaving your desk.

Just right for small offices and active individuals.

  • The Computer Warriors come right to your home.
  • Perfect for virus removal, data backup, setting up wireless networks, and troubleshooting internet or printer issues.

Protect Your Home and Your Family

Don't let viruses invade the devices in your home.

Enjoy the confidence in knowing that your home devices are protected from data breaches, viruses, and unexpected breakdowns.

Choose the Protection Plan that’s Best for Your Home

  • Gold Protection
  • Platinum Protection
  • Membership Plan
FeaturesGold ProtectionPlatinum ProtectionMembership Plan
Number of Devices Covered2 Computers2 Computers2 Computer | 2 Phones | 2 Tablets
Business Grade Anti-Virus
Local Support
Guaranteed Virus Protection ($175 Value)**
Managed updates that adds minor features or corrects bugs
In-store Discount5%5%10%
Priority Service Discount50% off50% off50% off
Monthly Reporting
Annual Computer Tune-up ($135 Value)
Free Labor on Repairs
Free Remote Support
Find out MoreFind out MoreFind out More

These plans are intended for residential use only and are not designed for businesses.

If you are interested in a Small Business I.T. Services, please refer to the small business protection page for more details.

Relieve the Stress of Being Your Own IT Guy

Every business needs cyber protection - even small businesses.

If you have 8 computers or less you deserve the same security as the big guys. That’s why at Computer Warriors we have protection plans just for small businesses. You get expert support for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee – and you don’t have to be your own IT guy anymore!

Enjoy the Security Of:

  • Virus Protection

  • Patching and Security Updates

  • Workstation Backups

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Password Management

  • Discounted Onsite Support

  • In-Shop Hourly Rate Discounts

  • Active Management

  • Remote Support

*These plans are designed for Companies with 8 employees or less. If you are a company with 8 or more employees and a server, please visit CW I.T. Support Managed Services in Jacksonville, NC or Wilmington,  NC. 

Sometimes the Best Option is to Buy a Device

New and Refurbished phones, laptops, tablets, and computers with the Warrior Seal of approval.

We’ve got you covered here too. We stock a rotating supply of like-new refurbed phones, laptops, tablets, and computers that have the Warrior Seal of approval – which means they have the Computer Warriors 1-year hardware warranty.

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