Microsoft Lockhart

Microsoft and Sony will be releasing a new generation of consoles this fall. While we still don’t have an official date or price tag, we do know that they are going to be extremely powerful. It is rumored that each console will arrive around the $500 price point, which is pretty expensive for a console.

Microsoft Leak

Late last month, a leaked document from Microsoft made several references to a budget console called ‘Lockhart.’  According to the document, Lockhart is poised to be a cut down version of the new Xbox Series X. It will have 7.5GB of RAM compared to the Series X 13.5GB of RAM. It also has an underclocked CPU and smaller GPU locking it in at 1080p output.

If released, the Lockhart will target the budget-conscious or casual gamer who don’t need all the bells and whistles of Series X. Microsoft is also pushing its Game Pass Ultimate while allows players to play multiple games for a monthly fee. The move could be a great gateway for new Xbox users to enter the Xbox ecosystem. It also will capture sales that it might not have gotten due to the current economic climate.

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