Are Macs safer than PCs? Apple has long portrayed their devices safer since PCs only get viruses. They went so far to create a commercial insinuating that Macs didn’t get infections.

During 2012-2013, a study showed that an estimated one-third of all computers were infected with malware. If you isolated Macs, the number of infections was only 3%.

What Does ‘Safer’ Mean?

The reason that there are fewer threats designed to attack the Mac might surprise you. Worldwide three-quarters of all computers run some form of the Windows-based operating system. Computers running the Mac OSX only made up about 12% of the market.

As a result, cybercriminals are more likely to go after PCs because they make up a larger share of the market, and thus are more valuable. Macs will not get a PC virus because the virus or malware must be coded differently. However, this does not mean they are any more secure.

Does It Matter?

The claim that Macs are safer may sway some users into purchasing a Mac device. However, just because there are fewer threats out there for Mac, the user still needs to be vigilant. Cybercriminals are employing social engineering techniques to help steal information. At that point, the user becomes the weakest cog in the system, not the computer. It would be like turning off your alarm, unlocking your door, and welcoming a thief into your home.

By paying attention and not clicking unfamiliar links, the user can reduce the chances of being infected. Apple and Microsoft are continuing to develop built-in defenses in their operating systems.

Staying vigilant and installing a robust third-party anti-malware program is the best way for every user to keep their device safe. Contact your local Computer Warriors to consult with one of our technicians about our memberships plans that can help keep you safe!

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