Clients have asked us about where the best place to position their desktop computers would be. Some people prefer it on their desk, but most people put it on the floor. Wherever you decide to position your desktop, you should consider the ventilation of the computer. Below are some things you should take into account when setting up your desk space.


Most desktop cases are not flat on the bottom. Several have feet that will help keep the computer from sliding around and allow air to be sucked in through the bottom of the case. If you put your computer on the carpet, it can inhibit that airflow and allow heat to build up. This can lead to performance issues with your computer. If you have hardwood or tile flooring, you shouldn’t have any problem. If you have carpet, and you want to put the computer on the ground, consider getting a board or a stand to sit your computer on.


Since your computer’s fans will be pulling and pushing air around the case, it will inevitably suck in dust. However, placing your computer on the floor can increase the amount of dust that it sucks up and accelerate the buildup. Dusk will make your computer not cool itself as efficiently as it would without dust. It is always a good idea to clean out your desktop with compressed air to limit the buildup. If you place your desktop on the floor, check it every few months to see if it needs to be cleaned.

Other Considerations

If you can control the airflow and the dust, then having your desktop on the floor is fine. Overheating is ultimately what you want to avoid as your computer’s components can be damaged due to excessive heat. If your home is prone to flooding, the floor is not the most ideal position. On the flipside, some people are hesitant to place their desktop on their desk because they do not want it to get knocked over. Another reason the floor might be more desirable is the ability to hide cables easier, prevent cords from running all over the place. While there is no wrong way to set up your system, these are just some ways you can keep it running strong for years to come.

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