Welcome to Computer Warriors Referral Program

Help us out and get rewarded – between $250 and an impressive $1,500. It’s a simple solution to increasing your income with minimal effort required. Support us and receive generous compensation for your contribution.


Know someone who is worried about their business technology and has less than 8 employees with computers? Do them a favor and put them in touch with us.


Send us a referral and we’ll give you a reward! Once your referral becomes a client, you reward you with a $250 visa gift card.


Know more people, rinse and repeat the process.

Refer a friend, get rewarded, repeat the process

Where can I find people to refer?

  • Local Business Chamber, Business Association, Vendors, Customers, Friends, Family, And Employees.
  • Social Media
  • Events
  • Organizations with a provider that wants a second opinion

Who can I refer and what do they need to do?

You can refer any small business owner that could benefit from having an I.T. Partner

To qualify, your referral must complete the following:
  • Acknowledge your referral within 30 days by meeting with a representative of Computer Warriors.
  • Become a Client

Do you know someone who has more than 8 employees with computers? Get them connected with our sister company, CW IT Support, to get rewarded up to $1,500. Click the logo to learn more!