Overcoming Financial Barriers: Payment Solutions Tailored for You

Every individual deserves an opportunity to connect with the world, and we understand how significant it can be to have the right digital tools in hand. Yet, financial constraints often lead to feelings of isolation and missed opportunities.
We’ve partnered with Terrace Finance to provide a payment solution that can bridge this digital divide, giving you access to technology without the burden of upfront costs.

How Our Finance Solutions Work

  1. All-Inclusive Opportunities: We believe in offering opportunities for everyone. With Terrace Finance, all credit profiles are considered, ensuring a fair chance for everyone to access the products they need.

  2. Transparency First: When you choose to finance with us, rest assured that your terms will be clearly explained based on the lender/lessor you are matched with – and always before you sign anything. Plus, there’s absolutely no obligation to accept.

  3. Tailored Options: Our partnership ensures that your application goes through the Terrace Finance network of lenders/lessors. This unique approach works to find a solution that’s compatible with your credit profile and specific needs.

  4. Special Promotions: Sometimes, promotional rates might be available! This entirely depends on your application and credit profile. Stay tuned for these opportunities.

Credit Pull Policy

For a detailed look into how credit checks work within our system, please refer to the Terrace Finance credit pull policy: https://terracefinance.com/credit-pull-policy/

With these payment solutions at your fingertips, the world of technology becomes accessible and within reach. Dive in, explore, and empower yourself for a brighter, connected tomorrow.