While public WiFi is widely available in most public locations, it’s not the most secure way to access the Internet. Bad actors can set up fake WiFi network that will capture all of the information transferred over them. The good news is you can create a portable WiFi network with your smartphone.

Android Configuration

In order to activate this feature on your Android, open up your Settings app.

  1. Samsung users select the Connections option, whereas other Android users select Network & Internet.
  2. Following this, select Mobile Hotspot and Tethering (Samsung) or Hotspot & Tethering (other Android users).
  3. Next, select Mobile Hotspot (Samsung) or Set Up Wi-Fi Hotspot under Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot to begin configuration.
  4. Now set the WiFi name, password, and security option and hit save. To configure on a Samsung device, tap the three lines in the top left and set up the name, password, and other settings.

Once configured, you will be able to turn the hotspot on via the Settings app or swiping down from the notifications shade and tap the hotspot icon.

Apple Configuration

On the flip side, Apple makes turning your phone on this feature a breeze. To begin, open up your Settings app. Next, scroll to the Cellular or Settings tab and select Personal Hotspot. Turn the toggle next to Personal Hotspot to turn on your device. Apple allows hotspots to connect by WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB. The Hotspot section will give specific instructions on how to connect each way.

Be aware that using the hotspot will eat into your cellular data allotment for the month. If you found this article interesting or helpful, check out our other posts!