Your TV or Monitor will attract dust, just like everything else in your home or office. Wiping down the top and sides of the TV or Monitor is a breeze. The screen of these might be a little harder to clean. Grabbing a household cleaner might seem like a logical solution, but we would not recommend it.

The Do’s

  • Soft, lint-free, dry cloth. Microfiber cloths are the best to use; some TV or Monitors may provide one
  • A solution of mild soap and water if need be (last case scenario)

The Don’ts

  • Solvents, abrasives, or aerosol sprays. (this includes cleaners like Windex)
  • Hard cloths or towels
  • Fingernails or sharp objects to remove stains
  • Liquid directly on the screen
  • Anything other than warm water

Steps To Clean Your TV or Monitor

Firstly, try only to use the dry, lint-free cloth. If you do not have the cleaning cloth that came with the device or it didn’t come with one, a microfiber cloth will work well. Secondly, if you have a smudge that the dry cloth is not removing, create a warm water solution with a drop of dish soap (Dawn works well). Next, dip one end of the cloth into the solution and gently wipe your display. Remove any soap residue and take a dry cloth to remove any final streaks on the screen.

Note: do not put pressure on the screen when cleaning it. Ideally, you will not put any pressure on the surface of the display panel. They are very fragile and can be damaged. Replacement parts are not readily available for most TV models.

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