How To Use YouTube Shortcuts

How often do you watch a video on YouTube? Did you know that it contains useful shortcuts, buttons, and extremely useful commands but not immediately obvious? We compiled a list of keyboard shortcuts that can help improve your viewing experience. While not customizable, these shortcuts will work on any operating system.

Playback Controls

  • Mute/Unmute: M
  • Increase Volume (in full-screen mode)*: Up Arrow
  • Decrease Volume (in full-screen mode*: Down Arrow
  • Increase Playback Speed**: >
  • Decrease Playback Speed**: <

* Volume increases/ decreases in increments of 5%

** Playback speed increases/ decreases in increments of .25%

Video Navigation

  • Rewind 10 Seconds: J
  • Fast-Forward 10 Seconds: L
  • Play/ Pause: K (sometimes Spacebar)
  • Advance Frame (While Paused): ,
  • Previous Frame (While Paused): .
  • Jump to Beginning: Home or 0
  • Jump to End: End
  • Go to 10-90% of Video: 1-9

Interface Navigation

  • View Hotkeys: Shift + ?
  • Closed Captions and Subtitles: C
  • Launch Mini player: I
  • Toggle Full Screen: F (Esc to exit)
  • Advance to Next Video in Playlist: Shift + N
  • Advance to Previous Video in Playlist: Shift + P

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