Bing Wallpaper

Windows 10 displays incredible landscape photos from all over at the sign-in screen. These images are pulled directly from Microsoft’s Bing browser. Microsoft released a tool that will automatically select these images as your desktop wallpaper.

Bing’s Daily Photo App

To get started, download the official Bing Wallpaper application. Once downloaded, install it and let the program run. To finish the installation, you will be prompted to Set Bing as my homepage and Set Bing as my default search provider.  After it installs, it automatically selects an image and sets it as the desktop background.

The application runs in the background and starts whenever your computer starts. It downloads and sets a new wallpaper every day. If you don’t like a particular wallpaper, you can change it. Look for the icon in your taskbar. Click on it, and toggle the wallpapers through the popup window.

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