Facebook’s New Ad Tool

Facebook released a new tool showing users how ads arrive in front of you. With this ad tool comes the ability to opt-out of the digital tracking. The feature is called Off-Facebook Activity and provides the data that Facebooks collects while you are on its site. Interestingly enough, this tool is only accessible through its mobile app. In order to use it, you will need a mobile device with the Facebook Mobile app installed.

No More Ads

Open up the Facebook app and hit the three lines in the top right. Scroll down to the Settings menu. Once in the settings, scroll down to the Your Facebook Information section. Within it, you will find Off Facebook Activity. The next page describes how the new settings work. Essentially, businesses or organizations provide information to Facebook. For example, John bought a drill from Home Depot. This information is attached to your account, and target ads become more targeted.

There are three options for handling this process. The first is to simply manage the Off Facebook activity, meaning you can control which companies can and can’t share information with Facebook. Secondly, you have the option to erase your history or view other possibilities like download details about your browsing on Facebook.

In order to stop all sharing with Facebook, select the More Options. Select Manage Future Activity and turn the toggle for sharing off. It can take up to 48 hours for the changes to take effect. The caveat, Facebook will still receive the information, but it will not be attached to your account.

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