FaceTime Shortcuts

Do you use FaceTime to keep up with family and friends who own Apple products? If so, FaceTime has several built-in keyboard shortcuts that make navigating FaceTime’s interface a breeze. These shortcuts will work on all macOS versions, but always make sure your device is up to date.

FaceTime’s Interface

  • Expand/ minimize window to fullscreen: Cmd + Ctrl + F
  • Switch from landscape/ portrait view: Cmd + R
  • Minimize Facetime: Cmd + H
  • Minimize everything except FaceTime: Cmd + Option + H
  • Minimize FaceTime Window: Cmd + M
  • Close FaceTime: Cmd + W
  • Turn off FaceTime: Cmd + K
  • Quit FaceTime: Cmd + Q

Note: Apple does not permit these shortcuts to be customized or disabled.

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