Recalling An Email In Gmail

Ever send an email and immediately regret sending it? If the email was sent via Gmail, the good news is that there is a way to undo the email. However, you only have a short period to do so. Here’s how to recall an email in Gmail.

Email Cancellation Period

Google allows Gmail a 5-second window to recall an email once the sent button is hit. It’s a small window, but Gmail allows the length of time to get extended if you need more time. After this period of time, the email will not be able to get recalled. Google only allows the length of the recall window to be changed in the web browser.

Changing the recall length of time is a breeze. Firstly, open Gmail on your favorite web browser. Secondly, find the settings icon in the right corner of your screen. Next, navigate to the General tab and find the Undo Send section. The recall window can be set to 10, 20, or 30 seconds. Still not a lot of time, but more than you start with.

Recalling A Email

Once the email is sent, you only have the time in the recall window to retrieve the email. This timer starts immediately after the Sent button is hit. To recall the message, simply hit the Undo button in the sent message confirmation. The same process can be used for emails sent on mobile devices. By pressing Undo, the email will return you to the Compose draft screen.

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