If you are now working from home, chances are you will be using your smartphone more. In today’s post, we cover some of the best applications to help with the adjustment of working from home.

Video Conferencing Apps

Just because you’re not in the office doesn’t mean you don’t have to miss seeing your coworkers. Video conferencing is extremely popular now that large portions of the workforce are working from home. Several applications will allow video conferencing. Skype is an extremely popular app that most people are familiar with. Alternatively, Zoom will allow you to video conference with other people.

Team Communication Apps

Some jobs require collaboration, or if you need to find a quick answer to a question, video and phone calls aren’t the fastest form of communication. Having the ability to chat with your coworkers on the fly is a must. If your company pays for a subscription to Microsoft Teams, you can use that to reach out to your coworkers. Conversely, WhatsApp is a great way to hold individual or group conversations on the fly. At Computer Warriors, we utilize Discord to keep up with one another throughout the day.

Meditation Apps

Working from home can be stressful, especially if you have a house full of family. Meditation is an easy way to keep your stress and anxiety down during this crazy time. Meditation exercises don’t take long at all, most requiring only ten minutes of your time. Headspace is offering free courses currently, but also offer paid programs. Alternatively, Calm offers guided meditation packs, sleep casts, and relaxing music.

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