Cable management is very important for desktop users. Even if your case does not have a window to see inside, keeping your cables neat and tidy is important. If you leave cables loose inside, there is more surface area for dust to build up and clog your heat syncs. Poor cable management can make tinkering with your machine more challenging. Below are some ways to improve your build’s organization.

Power Supply

One way to help keep your system neat and organized is to have a modular power supply. This will allow you to only use the cables you need to operate your system. It will also allow you to install third party cables thus giving you more freedom in customization. There are different types of power supplies. Make sure if you are upgrading yours, you get one that fits well in the system.

Difference between the various power supply types. Source:

A Cable Friendly Case

However, you can still have a lot of cables in your system. Another way to keep your cables neat is to have a case that is cable friendly. Most cases will allow you to route cables beneath the mother board tray. This allows cables to only poke through the case where you need them. There is no right way to route your cables, it just comes down to the components that you are going to utilize. 

Cases will allow you to hide the cables beneath the right panel, but planning is still vital. Planning your cable organization will ensure that you don’t have a bunch of cables overlapping in the same spot. Most cases will come with cable loops, or positions where the cables can be secured to the case. This can be accomplished with zip ties, Velcro straps, or even twist ties. Some cases will come with channeling that allows for the cables to be tucked away. 

OEM builds will typically come with the cables secured, but there can be room for improvement. Most aftermarket cases will come with the features above. Cases can be interchanged with ease. However, make sure you watch videos or read manuals as components can be damaged if they are handled improperly.

In short, cable management can drastically affect your PC both, cosmetically and practically. Before putting a system together or upgrading make sure you plan out exactly where everything will go. Organize and secure your cables as you go to keep everything nice and neat through the build process.  This will keep your desktop clean, cool and looking good.

Dust It Out

If your system does have a buildup of dust, cleaning it is simple. Compressed or canned air can blow all of the dust away. Make sure you secure the fan blades to prevent wearing out the bearings from the rush of air!

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