Windows 10 gives its users multiple ways to customize their computers. Whether it be enabling dark mode or changing the theme, there are several ways to make your computer your own. One of those ways is to change the pointer on your computer; today we show you how.

Change The Mouse Settings

Firstly, click on the Windows button on the keyboard. Next, type ‘mouse’ into the search bar and select Mouse Settings in the results. Scroll down to the Additional mouse options line. This will bring up the Mouse Properties (formally found in the control panel for older Windows systems).


The first section in the properties popup will give you a list of different schemes for the point. These schemes will change the color, size, or effect of the cursor. There are inverse themes that will be useful for people who have a difficult time seeing the standard cursor. Once you select the scheme, click apply for the change to take effect.


The next section will show the cursor for each specific task. There are 16 different scenarios where a pointer may change. You can change these by highlighting the particular task and selecting the Browse button. A new window will appear within the Cursor folder. Find the cursor you like and click open to change the pointer.

You can also change the pointer speed in the Pointer Options tab. Once you change any settings, click Apply before closing out the window for the changes to take effect.

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