The holiday is about to kick off for 2020. Two significant dates signifying the holiday season is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These events come with huge discounts, low prices, and overall hysteria (we’ve all seen the mobs of people flocking to retails). While they signify two of the biggest shopping days of the year, are there any differences between the two?

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

This concept of Black Friday is that it was the first time that retailers made a profit in the year with shoppers taking advantage of discounts after Thanksgiving. The actual history of the day is a little more complicated than that; click here to find out more.

More recently, Black Friday represents deals that take place in stores the Friday after Thanksgiving. More recently, we are seeing retailers opening on Thanksgiving evening to capture early shoppers. On the other hand, Cyber Monday represents deals specific to online outlets on the first Monday of December.

Black Friday Deals

This year is going to be a little different with COVID. Many stores are offering month-long Black Friday deals in a way to attach consumers without amassing large crowds. The big thing to look out for on Black Friday are TVs, appliances, toys, tools. TV’s are never cheaper than they are on Thanksgiving/ Black Friday. However, these deals are typically limited to in-store with limited quantities (hence the hysteria in some retailers). Look at the deals carefully. Usually, TVs that have the most significant discounts are of lower quality. Home improvement retailers like Home Depot and Lowes will have huge deals on new appliances.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is geared more towards discounted tech products. Online retailers will have a steep discount on computers and accessories. Also, keep an eye out for discounted online subscription offers. All retailers have picked up on Cyber Monday. Most retailers that have an online store will have some form of a Cyber Monday sale to capture the shoppers who don’t want to give up their Thanksgiving and don’t want to fight the crowds.

Last-Minute Ideas

Travel packages and airfare can also be discounted during Cyber Monday or Travel Tuesday (the day after Cyber Monday). There will be great deals on phones and smart home devices as well. To help plan out your shopping this year, check out This website provides all of the deals from retailers in one place, so it is easier to figure out where you want to make your purchases.

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