Ways to Prolong Battery Life

  1.  Turn On Auto Brightness  – Reduce the brightness of the screen. For devices that have an organic light emitting diode (OLED) display. You can also use the “light on dark” option for viewing.
  2. Turn off Vibration – Turning off the vibration feature on your phone saves battery because it’s one less thing for the battery to power. Every time your phone rings or dings, the vibration motor takes more energy than the audible speakers.
  3. Adjust your email settings from push to fetch – Most emails default to push settings, which means your emails automatically come through when they are sent. By changing it to fetch, they only come through when you refresh them. If you only check your email a few times a day, you will see an improvement on your battery life.
  4. When possible, utilize available Wi-Fi connections – It is estimated that Wi-Fi is up to 40% less power-hungry than 4G for internet browsing. Wi-Fi can help save your battery, but it does also use your battery. It is also suggested that you turn off your connections when they are not needed. The easiest way to do this is by turning on airplane mode, which completely disables the components responsible for all wireless communications.
  5. Turn off the location services – Keeping your phone connected to the GPS network can be an unnecessary drain. Unless you are traveling you don’t get a lot of benefit from having them turned on. Some apps also will give you the option to allow them to use your location; we would recommend limiting the access of these apps.