One email address can be linked to over 130 online accounts. Most of these online accounts also have passwords. Keeping track of all of this login information is difficult; especially since you should not have one master password. Having the same password for multiple accounts can be a security risk.

The Password Manager

Password managers are designed to hold all of a user’s account information under one password. There are several password managers out there, so how does user choose?

First, the user will need to determine how they want the passwords stored. There are local (stores passwords on the device) or a cloud (stores passwords in a online server) based managers. Password managers that are stored locally encrypt the password on the device’s drive. These type managers fall short if your device is physically stolen or damaged.

On the other hand, cloud-based password managers have grown in popularity. Since cloud based managers aren’t stored on the device, they can be accessed from anywhere. Many cloud-based password managers can create secure passwords; then auto fill them for you when you return to the site, usually with a browser extension. It can help prevent using one master password for all account. Some also allow you to share passwords with authorized users, automatically changing passwords to breached accounts, and two step authentication.

Things To Remember

Users must use and remember a strong master password. The stronger the password, the better the security. Likewise, two step authentication is also an important security layer. There are several different companies who offer this type of service. Popular ones include Keeper, LastPass, and Dashlane but there are many more. PC Magazine has compiled a great comparison chart with all of the top password managers. Click on the link to find out more information,,2817,2407168,00.asp

Do your research to see what kind will best benefit your lifestyle and help keep your accounts secure!

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