Attention Samsung and Roku Users! Beginning on December 1, 2019, specific devices from these brands will not be able to access Netflix. Netflix stated that the loss of support is due to “technical limitations” but did not specify what those limitations are.

We are still waiting for A full list of affected devices from Netflix. However, Samsung and Roku have provided a list of some of the devices that will not be supported, but again, this is NOT a complete list. Affected devices seem to be, in part, not able to auto-play episodes.

Affected Samsung Devices

2010 and 2011 TVs with a C or D in the model number. For help finding your TV’s model, check out Samsung’s support page. The loss of support only applies to the TV’s themselves, but you can still watch Netflix through the TV on a supported device.

Affected Roku Models

  • 2000C (HD)
  • 2050X (XD)
  • 2100X
  • Roku XR

Again, it is possible that more devices will be impacted, but without a full list provided by Netflix, it is not certain what other devices could be impacted. If you have any concerns about your device’s compatibility, check Netflix’s list of supported devices after December 1st, 2019.

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