Do your kids have an Xbox at home? Like most modern devices, Microsoft offers the ability to block mature content or limit access to the device. Find out how to use Microsoft Family Group in today’s post!

Restrict Apps, Games, and Media On The Xbox One

Before you limit content on the Xbox, you’ll need to create a Microsoft Family group to give your child a free Microsoft Account. The child account offers controls with Windows 10 and makes creating a child profile for the Xbox One a breeze.

Once these accounts are created, open up your favorite web browser and head to the Microsoft Family Group webpage. Sign in, then scroll down to the account needing restrictions. Select the account and open the More options dropdown. Select the option for Content restrictions.

From here, you can block apps based on the age rating by setting your child’s age in the account. For example, if your child isn’t a teenager, any games rated ‘T’ will automatically be blocked. Once the age setting is set, you will need to manually approve any games or apps that exceed this age rating. Microsoft allows this through the Family Group webpage or by an automated email.

Restrict Web Browsing On The Xbox One

Not many people know that most game consoles come with the ability to surf the web. In order to limit content via the web, head back to the Family Group webpage. Under the account, find the More options menu. Following this, scroll down to the Web browsing section and toggle the switch on. Additionally, Microsoft allows you to select and designate specific websites to allow or block.

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