As many are working from home due to COVID-19. Video calls are a part of a remote worker’s everyday life. In today’s post, we give some tips on how to look best during your video calls.


Lighting is key to looking good on screen. Film producers spend thousands of dollars to create the perfect lighting conditions for their projects. That isn’t to say you need to spend money on fancy lights, but here are some tips for getting the most out of the lighting you have. Firstly, avoid overhead lights. They will create shadows on your face. Secondly, avoid having your back to the light source. It will make you appear dark or shadowy against the bright backlight. Ideally, you want to be in front of a big window or light source for the best lighting.

Look At The Camera

Make sure your camera is at eye level. Looking up from under the chin is unflattering for everyone. If you’re using a laptop, this can be challenging. Grab a laptop stand or a stack of books to elevate your laptop. While its impossible to make direct eye contact on a video call, looking at the camera is the next best thing. It will show the other recipients that you are paying attention.

Internet Speed

A requirement for a successful video chat is a strong, stable internet connection. Before you hop on a video call, test your internet speed with Speedtest. If your internet is any less than 4.0Mbps, you will likely have quality issues. When your connection isn’t stable enough over WiFi, try using an Ethernet connection.

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