If you have multiple tabs open in Chrome, while listening to a podcast or YouTube, losing track of which tab is playing the media can be easy. Google developed media controls for you’re your toolbar. Google turned this featured off by default in the current version of Chrome.

How To Install Global Media Controls

To activate this option, type chrome://flags/ into the address bar. Then in the search bar type Global Media. Click on the box next to Global Media Controls and select Enabled. You will be prompted to relaunch the browser. Any tabs that you had open at relaunch will open back up.

The Play/ Pause button will show up on Chrome whenever a tab is playing audio or a video in a tab. Click the button to get information about what is playing and to find the pause, forward, and rewind buttons. The button will be available on Chrome, even if the media is playing in a different window or tab. This makes it easy to control the audio when working.


This is still considered Experimental by Google but will get featured for everyone in a future Chrome update.  While experimental, it is still a great addition to the browser. The reason its experimental is because Google may change how it works or remove it in the future.

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