Google Chrome opens a ‘New Tab’ page by default, but it’s easy to set a custom page instead.

Enable A Home Button

Google Chrome hides the ‘Home’ button by default. If you want to enable it, you will need to designate a ‘Home Page’ in the Settings menu. Firstly, open up the Settings by hitting the three dots in the top right of the page. In the dropdown that appears, find Settings. Next, find the Appearance tab on the left. Toggle the switch to Show home button. Select the empty field beneath it and enter the web address you want as your home page. Once you exit your settings, a home button will appear next to the address bar.

Custom Page On Start-Up

If you want Google Chrome to open to a specific page, you can do this in the Settings menu. Open up Chrome’s settings menu. Look for the On startup tab on the left. In the menu, select the Open a specific page or set of pages option. Next, choose the option to Add a new page. Once you add the web address and hit Add your set. Now, whenever you open Chrome, it will open to the designated page.

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