Free Computer Programs

Malwarebytes is a great tool to help protect your computer from outside attacks.  It scans for the most current and dangerous threats.  It also protects your data from ransomware attacks, ensuring your information is secure.  Malwarebytes also gives you coverage while your surfing the web, making sure you don’t click on an infective link.  Malwarebytes comes in a free and premium service for home and has options for business.

Google Drive is a must have for anyone who is on the go and needs their data with the

m anywhere.  You can retrieve your data from any computer by just signing in.  When you’re on your home computer you can install it to your computer and it will automatically upload your files, that way you don’t ever have to

worry about remembering to upload them.

Speccy is an incredibly resource to find out what exactly is running in your computer.  It gives yo

u a detailed breakdown on all the hardware installed your computer.  Everything is laid out in a neat menu that makes deciphering the information much faster and easier than trying to go through all the manuals.

CCleaner is a great utility to help keep your computer running fast and smooth.  It gets rid of junk folders that take up space on your drive, cleans out your browser after using it and removes tracking files.  CCleaner is very simple to use, but very powerful and is a great routine maintenance that you can run to keep your computer fresh.

Libre Office and Open Office are two open sourced options for your office needs.  Microsoft Office is expensive, buying it outright can cost almost $200.00 for some versions.  Both of these programs can do everything Microsoft Office can do but they can do it for free.  These open sourced programs are great for people who are on a budget but still need the capabilities.  It also allows someone to put the money they would have put towards Microsoft Office into better hardware on their computer.