Let’s be honest; there sometimes is a negative association with the term with refurbished. You may see certified refurbished devices, refurbished devices, or even open box signs in stores, so what does that mean?

Why Does A Device Get Refurbished?

Several of these items are returns from customers that brought the things back for several reasons. Items sustaining damage during shipping will get refurbished.  There are also floor models that will be sold when the next lineup of devices comes out.

More likely to fail?

People will think that refurbished means there is something wrong with it. They could argue that a new device will not have any issues. However, just because it is new does not necessarily mean it won’t be defective. When your new tech rolls off the assembly line, it might be inspected. At the rate that these devices are made, it is difficult to do an in-depth check.

A refurbished item by a good dealer will have a person who physically inspects the device. They will look for functional or cosmetic details to determine if it can be resold. When an item is resellable, it will go through thorough testing. Then it will become available for repurchase.

Modern electronics are expensive to repair. Only devices that have minor cosmetic damage or a part that is swapped out get selected for refurbishment. Retailers like Best Buy do not have space or equipment to handle major repairs. However, manufacturers often complete more complicated repairs and sell refurbished products directly. Companies will often list these items as Certified Refurbished. This means the original manufacturer or an authorized repair center completed the refurbished product, and it is like new.

Know the warranty

Most refurbishment companies will offer warranties for these products for up to a year. However, a company may only provide a week, a month, or a 90-day guarantee on their refurbished items. It is essential to ask and understand what the warranty period is and what it covers when purchasing a refurbished product.

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