It seems like wherever you go online, someone from some company will try to entice you to sign up with them. It could be for a service, an app, coupons, and more. By giving up your email address, you open the door for a flood of spam emails. In today’s post, we discuss some ways to create disposable email addresses phone numbers for these situations.

Disposable Email Addresses

Sign in with Apple

Apple is stepping up its game on protecting its user’s security. When using an Apple device or apps from the App Store, the option to Sign in with Apple will be available. Your Apple ID will be used for the registration. However, you can opt for whether or not it will be shared with the service. If you opt to hide your email, Apple will automatically generate a disposable email address that will forward any notifications to the primary address. Apple allows you to disconnect from the disposable email or to stop delivering at any time.

Firefox Private Relay

Firefox developed a new program called Private Relay, which is currently in alpha testing. The extension pops up whenever something requires and email address. Once released to the public, users can press a button to create a disposable email address. Similar to Apple’s setup, the disposable email will automatically forward any emails to your main account.

Burner Mail

Burner Mail comes with several features, primarily due to it relies on premium accounts. It allows users to create a dummy email address like other options mentioned above. The significant difference between this option and others is Burner Mail only available as a web app or a browser extension. It allows users to change the address for forwarded emails or check the dummy email right from the web app.

Disposable Cell Numbers


Burner is a longstanding option for creating a working number used for SMS, calls, and voicemails. A number is easily disposed of once used. Burner gives one free number, then requires a paid service. Other services do this for free, but they are not always practical. Burner is a proven, reliable option for creating working disposable numbers.

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