Does your desk have a mess of cables running all over the place? The more tech or electronics that you have, the more cords you will have to deal with. In today’s posts, we give some tips on cleaning up the cluttered mess of cords in your home or office.

Tie Them Together

This is probably the fastest, easiest, and most inexpensive way to organize your cords. Pick up a pack of zip ties from any hardware store. Plug all your devices into a power strip and bundle them up. Then pull tight. Add a new tie every few inches until all the cables are in a neat bundle from the devices’ power strip.

Zip ties are a quick way to bundle your cables. However, if you remove or add a device, you will have to undo all of the zip ties to get to the cables. The good news is there are other alternatives for bundling your cables together. Below is the Cable Slinky, which bundles all the cables together but is easily removable. Another option is Velcro Cable Ties. These are very similar to zip ties but reusable.

Cable Covers

Similarly to the bundle method, there are cable channels that will hide your cables. These are very useful when a TV is mounted directly to a wall. These covers will conceal your cables in the space between the bottom of your TV and the top of your entertainment center. The cable backplate attaches to the wall, and come with tracks to organize and route the cables. Once the top is snapped on, the cables will be hidden away. They come in a number of colors but also can be painted to match your wall cover. There are also cable covers that run along the baseboard of a room if you have to run cables around a room.

Hide Them!

Alternatively, a great way to make cables to disappear is to hide them in baskets, drawers, or entertainment centers. Most entertainment centers come with precut holes in the back of them that allow cords to be slipped through the end of them. Hide any excess cord length inside the entertainment center, only using enough of the cord to plug in the device. Tuck your phone charger in your nightstand drawer to keep everything looking nice and neat. If you have furniture with opens or don’t have a lot of excess space inside to hide the cables, consider attaching them along the back of the furniture. Command makes cable organizers that can help hold and route any cable.

There is no right way to go about tiding the cords to your devices.  A quick search online will yield a multitude of organizers or ideas for your cords. The ways we listed are just some of the options we use at The Computer Warriors. If you found this article was interesting or helpful, check out our other posts!