Anyone who has a cellphone or tablet probably has had their cables get frayed over the life of the device. Frayed cables can be dangerous and cause expensive damage to your devices. Here are some tips to keep your cables safe and long-lasting, regardless if you use Android or Apple devices.

Preserving Your Cables

The best way to protect your cables is to take care of them over the lifespan of the device. When you remove the cable from your device or the wall plug, hold the plug by end around the plastic casing. Pulling it by the cable can weaken the area where the cable is attached to the plug. When you take your cables with you, loop them as you see in the picture below. If you can secure it with a Velcro strap or rubber band. The Anker Powerline+ cable comes with a Velcro strap.

You want to avoid bending the cord too many times and avoid winding them too tight and bending at the joint where the cable and plug can wear the connection over time. If you use the device while charging, you can also damage the cable. For example, if you use it while laying in bed, the wire may be bent in a weird angle, causing damage.

Cable Protectors

Purchasing and installing a cable protector on your cables can help extend the life of the cable. The joint should be made of a rubber that has some give but will help reinforce the joint. If it is rigid, the weak point is shifted further down the cable.

Magnetic Adapters

If you get caught on your cables often, there is another solution to prevent you from accidentally snagging on your cables. These magnetic adapters will have the charging tip that you put in your phone, and then it will be attached to the cord via magnetics. This will allow the quick release of your device without damaging your cable. Volta makes a very reliable magnetic option for charging a variety of methods.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is a new feature that comes with newer smartphone models. This is a very effective way to avoid broken cables because you will place the device on the charging stand or pad. Several companies make reliable charging stands that will be able to power your device. Apple devices should only be charged with Apple-approved wireless charging devices.

Charging Stands

Charging stands may seem old school, but they are still a good option for charging your device without a cord, and if your phone doesn’t have wireless capability. Most may be geared towards Apple devices because wireless charging has been a feature in Android devices for some time.

If your cord is starting to wear or fray, we recommend replacing it. Frayed cords can have several negative impacts. It can harm your device, shock you, or cause a fire. If you found the article interesting or helpful, check out our other posts!