It seems everywhere you go; you will find someone with their head buried in their smartphone or tablet. While the Internet has led to more relationships, it has also made it more challenging to have a genuine face to face interaction. Your smartphone has more to do with your relationships then you realize. Singles in America and the Psychology of Popular Media Culture performed studies on this topic. Key takeaways from their studies are below…

Competition With Smartphones

The first takeaway is that most people don’t care about how often their partners use their phones. The thing they care about is whether or not their partner is dependent on it. Participants stated they are less satisfied in their relationships if their partner is overly reliant on their devices. Also, people who were more dependent on their phones said they felt less secure in their relationships.

It boils down to people can get jealous over a smartphone. If your partner feels like they have to compete for your attention against a phone, the relationship is likely to suffer. As a result, other studies will be conducted to see how smartphone usage affects other areas of a person’s life as a result of these findings.

Technologies Impact Connections

In a Singles in America survey, 22% of the respondents reported that technology is making it harder to find love. As a result, this has led to 57% percent of people feeling lonely. Even with those statistics, 125% are addicted to the process of trying to find those connections. Moreover, participants stated it is harder to find a genuine connection with the overwhelming pressure to get married.

Social Media

Furthermore, social media has played a significant part in the modern dating game. Based on the survey results, a judgment of a particular person is 42% based on what they have on their social media accounts. As with prospective employers, be careful with what you post. We see it in the mainstream media all the time, where people’s posts from several years ago come back to haunt them.

Tech Turn-Ons

  • Watching the same TV shows? 270% of millennials find that as a huge plus.
  • Picking up the phone to talk to the other person is a significant turn-on for 29% of those surveyed.
  • 26% of singles find not being on social media as a significant plus.

Tech Turn-Offs

  • 50% of the participants stated constant social media activity is a red flag for them.
  • 58% of singles find complaining openly on Facebook unattractive.
  • What kind of phone you have: Android users are 15 times more likely to judge iPhone users. Oppositely, iPhone users are 21 times more likely to judge Android users.

Cracked Screens

If you broke your phone screen, fix it before your next date. Women are 86% more likely to judge a man negatively for having a broken screen. The study also reflected that if you are a Gen Xer or a Baby Boomer, you are more likely to have negative feelings towards a broken device.

You can find more about the Singles in America Study here. If you found this article interesting or helpful, check out our other posts!