If your kids play video games, they probably asked at some point to purchase a DLC. Now you might be thinking; you already purchased the game, why are you buying a DLC for it? In today’s post, we will break down everything you need to know a video game DLC.

What Is A Video Game DLC?

The term DLC stands for downloadable content. It is additional content that players install on top of the base game. DLCs are distributed through multiple online sources or platforms like Steam or the Microsoft/ Playstation Store. Depending on the content, it can vary in cost. Some are free; others require a separate purchase or included in bundles. For example, developers release new games in different tiers. There will be the base game or the base game with access to additional future content.

DLCs include a variety of things. This ranges from simple cosmetics like skins, new areas, progressed stories, new activities, or changes to game mechanics. DLCs offer a way for developers to continue a video game’s plot and keep players engaged and interested in months and years after its initial release.

Repeat Business

Video game publishers use DLCs as one of the ways that continue to make money off of a game after its initial purchase. Additionally, publishers will offer players the ability to purchase individual items in the form of microtransactions. Lastly, many games are adapting to a ‘season pass’ model. With this model, players pay for a full year’s worth of content, but the content release gets broken up throughout the year.

Benefits Of DLCs

DLCs enables players to continue to enjoy their favorite games after they complete the initial content. A very successful franchise following this model is World of Warcraft. Initially released in 2004, the game still releases new DLCs for its players with a new one scheduled for later this year. The game has 10 million players and generated over 9 billion dollars in revenue for its publisher Blizzard Entertainment.

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