Great news for Apple users! The new iOS 13 will include a feature that can prevent spam and robocalls from reaching you. Silence Unknown Callers will mute all calls received from numbers that are not in your contact list. Here’s how to use it:

Endless Stream of Robocalls

To turn on this feature, head over to the Settings app. Scroll down to the Phone option. Within the Phone option, there will be a section titled Silence Unknown Callers and within it will be a toggle.

How It Works

Once this feature is enabled, any calls received from an unknown number will automatically be silenced. If Siri finds the number in your Contacts, Mail, or Messages app the call will be let through. Basically the operating system will hit the decline button for you. If you have voicemail set up, the call will be automatically sent there. If you call a number back, from that point forward it will not be blocked.

Make Sure You Don’t Miss Important Calls

This feature, while effective, maybe a hammer rather than a scalpel. Unlike Do Not Disturb, repeated calls will not come through, even if they call repeatedly.  If you are concerned about missing important calls, you may not want to turn this feature on. However, if you check your voicemails regularly, you won’t miss anything.

There are also different ways to block callers through your carrier and third-party applications. If you found this article interesting or helpful, check out our other posts!