Are spam emails taking over your inbox? Spam emails are a constant issue, but in recent months, they have increased in frequency. Here are some quick ways to cut down on the number of spam emails hitting your inbox.

Protect Your Primary Email

Email accounts are free to make. Create a secondary email address for online use and keep your primary for messaging people. Keeping your email address offline is the best way to limit spam. Having two email addresses also makes sorting your email easy because you can filter out your secondary email. Using an email service like Gmail will also prompt you to unsubscribe from emails thought to be spam.

Paid Services

If you want active help in managing your emails, there are several paid options. Firstly, SaneBox starts at $7 per month. It filters spam and learns what messages are important to you, so your most important emails are always upfront. Secondly, MailWasher will work with any email client but is only for Windows. Lastly, SpamSieve costs $30 and is exclusive for Macs. Like other services, it will help clean your inbox, keeping it clutter-free.

Train Your Filters

The easiest thing to do to improve the number of spam emails hitting your inbox is to train your email filters. Filters are always improving, but they are not perfect. Something as little as flagging emails can help improve the algorithms that control the filters. The process is simple, mark the email as spam and flag them. The more emails you flag, the better the filters will be at removing them from your inbox.

It’s also important to check your spam folder from time to time. As more spam emails come, email providers tighten what can and cannot go to your inbox. From time to time, it will filter out emails you want.

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