Apple released iOS 14 recently and its packed with several new features. In today’s post, we’ll cover the new privacy features and other improvements in the latest version of iOS.

Notification When an App Accesses Your Camera or Microphone

Whenever an app your using accesses your camera or microphone, a dot will appear in the status bar. This dot is located above the cell signal indicator. If the app is active using one of these features, the dot will turn green. When the dot is yellow, it means that the features are being accessed in the background. If you want to see what prompted the notification, open the Control Center.

Approximate Location Sharing

In iOS 14, you can allow your precise or just an approximate location when enabling location services. When the pop up asks for your location, zoom out on the map to share only an approximate location. We recommend leaving the precise location turned on for GPS and delivery apps. To changes these permissions, head to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

Access To Photos

In the new update, you can limit an app’s access to only select photos. This prevents an app from having access to your entire library unnecessarily. When the permissions notification pops up, you will select certain photos, all photos, or no access.

Bad Passwords

An iPhone on iOS14 will now notify you if your passwords were compromised or easy to guess. Find out by opening your Settings app and head to Passwords. Tap the Security Recommendations tab. Select any login to learn more or even to change the password on the website. If you change the password through the provided link, it will automatically be updated on your iPhone.

Safari Privacy Report

Safari will show what trackers are active on a website with its Privacy Report. To access it, tap the AA in Safari’s address bar and hit Privacy report. In addition to the trackers, it will detail how many times the trackers attempted to track you in the last 30 days. All requests from apps to track you will automatically be denied.

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