Parenting in the 21st century can be tough. Taking away a computer or phone may teach your child a lesson but as the devices are more integrated into everyday life it may not be an option. If your child goes to a friends, you will want a way to get ahold of them. We have compiled a list on different ways you can monitor your child’s usage of their devices.


Apple has built in several parental monitoring features into is iOS. A parent can restrict screen time, block certain apps and features and even control what they are able to purchase from the App Store and iTunes. For more information about these features follow this link to Apple’s Support Page.

Android based devices have some parental controls built into the operating system, but there are several 3rd party apps that have many more features. In 2017 Google released Family Link to the Play Store. Like with Apple, this app allows you to monitor screen times, view their activity, and see where they are. You can find more information about Family Link here.

Another app that is good for GPS location is Life360. Life360 will all your to see the precise location of all of your family members. The app is free and works with the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phones. The app also features Driving Peace of Mind which will give crash detection and driving analysis. Click here for more information about Life360.

Cell Phone carriers also will have various services that are including in their plan. Check with your provider for more information on the services they offer.


Windows Devices: You can create a separate account for your child. You will be able to turn on Family Safety settings. This allows you to monitor screen time, block apps or websites, and give you weekly reporting on the account’s activity. If your child tries to purchase something from the Microsoft store, it will email you for approval, instead of emailing you the receipt. Find more information about Family Safety settings here.

Mac Devices: Mac devices also will have various parental control settings. You can set up an account with parental controls in a similar manner of PCs. Parental Controls are located in the System Preferences. If your child uses a separate Mac device, you can go to the Sharing preferences and turn on the screen sharing feature. This will allow you to see the activity on the device. For more information on these features click here.

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