Have you shared your Netflix login with someone, and now you don’t want them to have access? Below are the options for removing people from your Netflix account.

Remove Devices From Netflix

If you need to remove devices, Netflix makes it easy. Firstly, head to your Netflix account settings page by selecting your profile in the top right corner of the webpage. In the drop-down menu, select the Account option. Select the option to Sign out of all devices.

Once you select sign out, Netflix will automatically sign out of any device tied to your account. The website states this process can take up to eight hours. Once complete, for any of these devices to use your Netflix account, they will need to resign in.

Change Your Password

The option mentioned above isn’t useful if the person you want removed has your password. The only option to change this is to change the password. To complete this, go to your account settings page. Then select the Change password under the Membership & Billing section. Netflix will prompt you to enter the current password along with your new password. Make sure you check the box requiring the sign in with the new password. This will keep people from logging back in.

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