A few weeks ago, Apple released macOS Catalina. While we still see some issues with the update, we wanted to cover some of the new features for those who have successfully updated their devices. If you have any questions or need help updating, come by your local Computer Warriors for a consultation!


Most Mac computers released after 2012 are compatible with Catalina. For a full list of compatible devices, check out Apple’s support page.


Catalina has a new feature called Sidecar that will enable you to turn your iPad into a second display. For Sidecar to work, your iPad will need to be on iPad OS 13 and your Mac on Catalina. Head over to System Preferences > Sidecar and select your iPad from the menu.

When your iPad is connected to your Mac with Sidecar, you can use your Apple pencil on the touch display. You can draw in apps like Illustrator as well as others.

Run iPad Apps On Your Mac

Catalina makes it easier for iOS developers to port iPad apps to the desktop. Apple designated this process as Catalyst, and while there aren’t many apps taking advantage of this feature currently, more should be coming soon.

Screen Time

Screen Time, a popular feature introduced to iPhone and iPads on iOS 12 to help users track their device usages. This will be extremely useful on the Mac because it will tell you what apps and websites you are using throughout the day. This may even boost your productivity if you see you are on YouTube for a larger amount of time.

Screen Time also replaces the Parent Controls panel in System Preferences. If you need to set up parent controls, you will need to do this through this setting from now on.

32-Bit Apps

32-Bit apps have finally lost support with Catalina, something Apple has been threatening to do for years. Most apps should be updated by now, but if you on an older Mac, it will display a “[App} is not optimized for your Mac and needs to be updated.” Don’t update to Catalina if you’re concerned about your programs.

Goodbye iTunes

Apple has broken up iTunes into Music, TV, and Podcasts. This change has been on the iOS platform for some time and now has finally arrived to the Mac. The Music app will allow you to manage your library. The TV app will house all things video related. Apple’s new Apple TV+ subscription service will be administered here when launched. The Podcasts app doesn’t have a lot of new features but got streamlined to handle downloads, subscriptions better, or find new suggestions.

Updates To Existing Apps

  • Reminders: Complete redesign that will match iOS 13. Users will be able to add attachments, tag people, and browse your reminders via Smart List.
  • Photos: Also, getting a makeover to match iOS 13. Apple has made it easier to search the library by day, month, and year. It also has a better identification system for finding “moments” like trips or celebrations.
  • QuickTime Player: New movie inspector pane that shows technical information about the file, You can also create a movie from a sequentially-numbered folder of images in H.264, HEVC, or ProRes formats.
  • Safari: The frequent browser updates to improve performance and web standards. Includes a new start page with Siri suggestions, iCloud tabs, and links from reading lists.

Voice Control/ Accessibility Options

This feature allows you to navigate through your Mac with your voice. Other improvements came to speech recognition and dictation software. Accessibility features include zooming or dragging files via voice command.

These are just some of the new features that Catalina has to offer. For a full rundown of all the new features, check out Apple’s website. If you want more information about Catalina regarding your Mac device, stop by one of our shops for a consultation. As always, if you found this article interesting or helpful, check out our other posts!