Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference took place on Monday. Apple unveiled a bunch of new hardware and software. One piece of information we have been waiting on are details on iOS 13. In this blog post, we wanted to cover all the significant changes that are coming to Apple’s mobile device lineup.


Apple is updating its hardware requirements for iOS 13. As a result, Apple is removing software compatibility for its older iPhones and iPads. Devices compatible with iOS 13 include iPod 7th Generation, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S series (6S and 6S+), iPhone 7 series (7 and 7+), iPhone 8 series (8 and 8+) and iPhone X series (X, XS, XR, XS Max). That means the iPhone 6 series and iPhone 5 series will not be able to be updated past iOS 12 or older.

The iPad is also getting a makeover. Apple is breaking away from using iOS on iPads like iPhones. Instead, they will be getting their own iPadOS. This will give the iPad more flexibility with features that would not work on an iPhone. Some of these features will be included with the iPad Air (3rd Generation), iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 & 5, iPad 5 & 6, and the iPad Pro series (9.7, 10,11.5, and 12.9).

New Features

Apple showcased several features at the conference, but usually, they save a few features for release. We should find out more information in September when Apple announces the new iPhone. Beneath are some of the highlights of iOS 13.

Dark Mode: A popular feature that turns a bright screen into a dark screen. Other brands have had this feature for some time, and it has been highly sought after by Apple users. Core apps like Photos, Music, Calendar, and others will have dark mode support.

Swipe Keyboard: In addition to Dark Mode, another feature that finally has arrived to the iPhone is a key that allows the user to trace out the spelling of a word instead of spelling it. This feature makes one hand texting easier.

Find My: Apple has combined Find My Friends and Find My Phone into one app. This can help locate your phone faster if you use it.

Privacy: Another new feature is called Sign in with Apple. It will allow you to sign into apps without having to add your email address. The goal of this feature is to prevent third-party apps from tracking you online. Most noteworthy, you can also have an email address that will auto-forward to your actual email, making it harder for third-party apps to track you.

Siri: Apple’s voice assistant will be getting a few upgrades. Apple is changing how Siri sounds to make her more natural sounding to our ears. AI software will help her speak with few non-human sounding modulations and fewer gaps.

Other Noteworthy Changes

  • Mail will be getting different fonts and a mute option
  • Notes will have a new view and the ability to share folders
  • Ability to add attachments to your calendar
  • Face ID will unlock your phone 30% faster
  • 38 new languages to the keyboard
  • Apps will open 2x faster
  • Downloads are 50% smaller, and updates are 60%

Furthermore, these are just a few of the new features iOS 13 has to offer Apple users. We will continue to follow the new features and update our post as they are announced.

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