As part of Facebook’s mobile strategy, it stepped up the capabilities of its Messenger service. As a result, over 1.3 billion people communicate on the platform every month. In order to out-compete its messaging competitors, it is always rolling out new features for its users. Here are some tips on Facebook Messenger.

The Basics

In order to get started, you will need the Facebook Messenger installed on your Android or IOS device. Sign in with your Facebook login information and verify that it is on the current version and up to date.

Did They Get The Message?

Facebook Messenger displays the various states of a message. When you send your message, there will be a blue circle indicating the message is sending. Once the message is received, you will see a blue circle with a check. Once the recipient reads the message, the check will be replaced with the recipient’s profile picture. A triangle indicates that the message failed to send. If this happens, check your WiFi or network settings.

Video Calls

The app also gives you the ability to make voice and video calls. Find the icon next to the person’s name and hit the phone or the camera to start the call. This is great for users who have different devices from their friends or family. For example, FaceTime only works with Apple devices, but the video feature in Messenger allows users to communicate cross-platform.

Audio Messages

If you have a message, but don’t want to text it, hit the microphone icon next to the text box. This will allow you to send a voice message.

Sending Pictures

If you want to send someone a picture, hitting the camera icon will result in your camera starting up. You will be able to take a picture or video and send it directly to the conversation. Further, hit the picture icon to open up your gallery to send a picture or video in your phone’s gallery.

Stickers, Emojis, & GIFs

The fastest way to respond or acknowledge a message is to send a quick thumbs-up. If you press and hold the thumb, you can make it bigger. If you prefer a GIF or an emoji, you can do that as well. Top on the emoji icon to open and select the tab of the item you want to include.

Mute Conversations

If you are in a group conversation, you may quickly get bombarded with an influx of messages. If your phone is blowing up with messages, Facebook allows you to mute the conversion. To begin, tap on the name of the group (IOS) or hit the ‘I’ icon  (Android) in the top right of the app. Next, select Notifications, and a list of options will appear. A muted conversation can last 15 minutes or indefinitely.

Messages From Non-Friends

Anyone who is not on your friend’s list of Facebook can message you. These messages will not get dumped into your main conversation feed. These will be put into Message Requests, usually near the top of your feed. Selecting this will open up a new chat list with these messages.

Lastly, make sure you keep your Messenger app up to date if you use it frequently. Facebook is adding new features all the time. If you found this article interesting or helpful, check out our other posts!