Apple, like all the major tech companies, have built in various location trackers into their software and devices. As we become more reliant on our devices, having our phones and apps know where we are can be extremely helpful. However, when it seems like there is another breach in a database every week, it begs the question of do you want our phones to know where you are at all times?

Turning Off Your Location Information on Your iPhone or iPad

Thankfully, turning off your location information is very straight forward on an Apple Device. First, find your Settings app. Once there, scroll down to the ‘Privacy’ tab. Select this tab and tap on ‘Location Services’. From here, scroll all the way to the bottom and select ‘System Services’. Select ‘Significant Locations’. Apple will then require your passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID to make sure you are who you say you are. Once you are verified you will be able to toggle ‘Signification Locations’ on or off. If it toggle is gray, it means it has been turned off.


Turn Off Location Services
Steps 1-3
Steps 3-6

Following these steps will prevent Apple from following your movements. However, 3rd party apps may still be retaining your information. If you have a Google account, it is likely retaining some information. Check out the post on how to stop Google from tracking you. To find out what other apps may be retaining location data, select the app in the main Settings app and see if the location is turned on.

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