Losing your phone isn’t like losing a credit card where you can cancel and get a new one. It means being cut off from the world. Sometimes even losing your credentials to your various accounts. A downside of having the ability to do everything from your phone.

Most phones have an auto location feature built into the device. The trade off is Google or Apple will see where your phone is. However, it can be very useful in hunting down your phone if it gets lost.

Android Devices

Open your settings, go to the security and location tab and make sure ‘Find my Device’ is turned on.  Turn location on to ‘High Accuracy’ and turn on Google Location History.  If you go to a browser and type in ‘find my phone’, it will allow you to sign into the Google Account associated with the device and it will pull the location. It will even show what WiFi network the phone is connected to. The user is able to lock your device, cause it to ring (to help find it), and even erase it remotely. 

Apple Devices

Open Settings then iCloud then Find my iPhone. Apple has a built-in app called Find My iPhone. On another Apple device or sign into the iCloud on a browser to see the location.  Find My iPhone also has similar security features like making it ring, remote locking, and even remote erasing of the device.

It is important to remember that the device must be on to get an accurate location. If it is powered off, or the battery died, you will only see the last location the device was turned on.  There are Bluetooth trackers, like Tile, that you can put on your phone, but they only work in short ranges.

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