They say once it’s online, it’s out there forever. This is an accurate assessment about the digital world. However, as we grow, the things we support, thoughts, and attitudes change. If you don’t want to be embarrassed or want to remove some old posts, we cover how to do so in today’s post.


Instagram is a popular app among young people. If you want to post something in the short term, consider using the story posts. These postings only last 24 hours before they are automatically deleted. Deleting a post is relatively straight forward. Find and select the post you want to delete. Then, hit the three dots and select Delete. This option is only available for the Android and iOS apps, and not the web interface.


Twitter does not have a bulk delete option, which will make the processing time consuming if there are a lot of tweets you want to be deleted. From your Twitter profile, click the downward arrow next to any of your tweets. Next, select the Delete Tweet option. Alternatively, there are some third party options to help along the process. These include Tweet Deleter and TweetDelete. Both apps use the freemium business model, so there are some costs associated with the services.


Facebook offers a bulk delete tool, making it very easy to delete your photos, posts, and feeds. If you are on a mobile platform (Android or iOS), select your avatar in the top left of the app. Tap the three dots and select the Activity Log option. Once there, select Manage activity followed by Your posts.

This will display all of your photos and posts that you have ever uploaded. Use the tick boxes to select the posts you want to delete. Once deleted, the posts stay in the Recycle bin for 30 days. If you change your mind, you can restore a post during this time.

Alternatively, on the web, open up your profile and select Manage posts under the update box. From here, you can filter your posts as needed. Select the ones you want to Delete and click Next, followed by Delete posts.

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