Did you know you can download movies and TV shows from Netflix? This is perfect for long road trips or long-distance travel.

Download or Update

Firstly, make sure you download and sign in to the Netflix app on your device. If it’s already installed, make sure you have it completely up to date. For iOS devices, click here. For Android devices, click here. If you plan on using a Windows computer, click here.

Download Quality

Netflix allows users to download in two quality levels: Standard and High. Selecting the Standard option will download faster and take up less space than the High option. Either option will work fine depending on the amount of free space on the device. In order to set the quality setting, open up the App Settings. Following this, find the Downloads option and select Video Quality to select Standard or High.

Select Your Shows or Movies

Netflix does not allow its entire library to be downloaded. It created a section called Available for Download. To find this category, open up the menu on the left side, and it will be the first section below Home. Any title available for download will have a downward arrow with a horizontal line beneath it.

Download Your Titles

To start downloading titles, select the title download icon. The Android version of the Netflix allows users to choose where the tiles are downloaded: internal storage or a microSD card (if one is inserted). Once downloaded, head over to the Downloads section.

Deleting Downloaded Titles

After you watch the content, free up space by deleting it. Firstly, open up the Downloads section. Select the movie or show you want to delete and hit the Downloaded button. Moreover, if you want to delete all of your downloaded content, head over to the Settings, and select Delete All Downloads.

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