If you use a browser like Chrome, you probably have some account passwords stored in it. While this is extremely convenient, it isn’t the best way to store your sensitive data. Here’s why you should consider a password manager like Keeper, 1Password, LastPass, or others like them.

Why Password Managers Are Important

Having a strong and unique password is critical. Reusing the same password for multiple accounts is the biggest risk. Attackers may uncover your login credentials to one account but have access to multiple accounts if your login credentials are the same. The average email account is associated with over 140 online accounts. As a result, keeping track of different passwords is tough.

Web browsers are an easy way to store your passwords. However, they are not adapting as quickly as password managers are. Third-party managers lock all your passwords behind a master password. Instead of having to remember several, you only need to remember one. Password managers will not only secure your passwords but also generate them for you.

Benefits Of Password Managers

Third-party managers are cross-platform and cross-browser. Your login information will be accessible from anywhere. Some sites only work in Firefox or Chrome. A third-party manager will cover both browsers.

Third-party managers will generate unique and strong passwords when creating or setting up an account. These passwords are entirely random; therefore, these passwords will not get cracked through social engineering or easily brute-force attacks.

Most password managers have a built-in sharing feature so you can send your Netflix login to your family with ease. Browsers do not have this support, leaving you to email or text your credentials. This is not an optimum way to transmit sensitive information.

Lastly, third-party managers will store more than passwords securely. You can create secured notes that include anything from building codes to your social security number. Most will also store pictures or other relevant documents you need to securely archive.

How Safe Are Password Managers?

It may seem counterintuitive to store all of your passwords in one place. However, we have clients all the time who tell us it is difficult to keep track of where they document their login information. With that in mind, password managers are very safe compared to the alternative. Each manager will use secure encryption to help ensure your data is safe!

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