Do you ever struggle with the quality of sound on your flat screen TV? You do not just hear things; the sound is worse compared to older TVs. Speakers in modern TVs sound weaker because they are smaller than their predecessors. The better sound quality came from the extra space in bigger TVs. In addition to being smaller, the speakers built into your TV are often pointed down or towards the wall. You might be asking yourself; how do I get a crystal-clear sound to match my crystal-clear picture? The answer: soundbars.

Enter The Soundbar

The soundbar is designed to give high quailty sound in an all in one speaker system. Unlike a home theater system or surround sound, they aren’t challenging to install and set up. They are designed to take up minimal space but provide extra and more prominent speakers than what is on your TV. Every major TV manufacturer will produce a soundbar that will pair great with their TV lineup.

Soundbar Placement

Before you purchase a soundbar, you should be mindful of where you are going to place it. If you have a TV in an entertainment center, then you can put it directly in front of the TV. Soundbars come in different sizes, some being as small as one foot long and others being as long as five feet long. Checking the length will ensure the soundbar will fit the entertainment center or not hang off of your TV stand. Also, consider how high your TV sits off of your entertainment center, so you do not get a soundbar that is too high by mistake.

If the TV is attached to the wall, mount you will have the option to mount the soundbar underneath it. You will want to consider how to hide the power cord and the TV connection cable for a clean, neat finish. Soundbars also have speakers facing in specific directions, so make sure how you place your soundbar will not cover or block these speakers for the best sound experience.


If you also want to have a subwoofer, your placement options might be limited. Wireless subwoofers will pair with your soundbar via Bluetooth. While you still will need a power source, this will allow for a clean setup. Subwoofers also produce low frequencies that the human ear cannot quickly locate. Along with being wireless, this will give you some freedom to hide your subwoofer.

Other Features

Some soundbars will come with multiple speakers to give a more dynamic soundstage. Some soundbars will create sound profiles that make you feel like you have to surround sound speakers all around you. Soundbars will also amplify voices from the characters in the show or movie you are watching. They also can include technology that will ensure that the commercial sound is not louder than the TV show’s sound. No more being blasted by noise when the show takes a commercial break. Use your soundbar to play music from your phone, allowing you to connect via Bluetooth.

As with all electronics, make sure you shop around and do your research to ensure you get the best soundbar for your needs. There are different sizes and configurations that you should consider before your purchase. If you have any questions or need help installing a soundbar give your local Computer Warriors shop a call.

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