Apple released its newest operating system, Catalina, last week. With it, Apple introduced several new features and some new bugs. Our clients always ask when a new update gets released: Should I update? In today’s post, we discuss some of the issues that you should be aware of if you upgrade now.


One of the significant changes that came with Catalina deals with iTunes. Apple has broken iTunes up into Music, Apple TV, and Podcasts. This change has been on its mobile devices for some time. Post update, the XML file gets deleted. Third-party apps require this file to interface or pull music files from iTunes. Applications like Rekordbox or Traktor are among the applications that will not work on Catalina. This primarily affects those who DJ from their Mac computers. Apple advised them not to upgrade to Catalina.

32-Bit Applications

32-bit software lost Apple support with High Sierra. While Apple didn’t officially support the software, it would still work. With Catalina, these apps will no longer function.

Legacy applications of Adobe Photoshop and older versions of Microsoft Office contain 32-bit components and installers. Adobe does not recommend updating if you use pre-Creative Cloud versions of Photoshop or Lightroom. Apple blogger Steve Moser has created a list of over 200 applications that will not work with Catalina.

Devices released in 2012 will work with Catalina, so if you have a computer from that time frame, you might have 32-bit software on your computer. If you are concerned about legacy software, feel free to bring your device to Computer Warriors for a consultation.

Final Verdict?

If you are a creative professional, you will probably want to hold off on updating to the latest macOS. If you have a newer Mac and use updated programs, than the mentioned above may not be a big deal. We also want to say that will all new software, bugs many not show themselves right away, so it might be beneficial to wait a few weeks for any potential kinks to be worked out.

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