Facebook is trying out a new desktop interface. The website received an entire visual facelift. If you want to try it out or switch back to the old interface, continue reading today’s post.

Enable The New Desktop

To switch to the new desktop, find and select the dropdown on the top toolbar menu. Find and select the Switch to New Facebook option. As a result, a message will pop up the first time you switch. Facebook claims that the new look results in a cleaner look, bigger text, and faster load times. In addition, Facebook allows you to enable dark mode on the desktop browser. Hit next to choose a light or dark option. Lastly, hit get started to activate the switch.

Switch Back

If you do not like the new design, switching back to the old design is easy. Hit the dropdown in the toolbar and select Switch to Classic Facebook. A popup will ask for feedback on the design and why you are reverting. Once complete, your Facebook will look as it always has.

Note: If Facebook permanently rolls out the change, you will likely be stuck with the new layout.

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