Electronics get hot due to the second law of thermodynamics. In terms of electronics, energy is turned into waste heat whenever energy is used. All electronic components have resisters to protect sensitive components from this excess heat. The excess energy stored in resisters becomes heat. Computers, tablets, and phones have many resisters, and that heat adds up. Cooling your devices effectively can help make them last longer!

Components That Need Cooling

The CPU and GPU are often very hot. Therefore, they often have metal heat syncs with fans or liquid blocks to keep them cool. They get hot because they are made of millions of tiny transistors that turn on and off to run programs. Modern processors can run through billions of cycles a second; the transistors can generate a bunch of heat.

Your computer or phone will generate more heat when it is under a load. So, if you are doing heavy gaming or doing video chatting, your device will naturally get hot. While computers can have all sorts of heat sync, fans, or liquid coolers to keep themselves cool, phones can be a little more complicated. The best way to keep a phone cool is to close out any apps running in the background before using a heavy app, like video calling. Keeping apps up to date will also help keep your phone working efficiently.

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