We all love the new smartphones but hate the contracts. If you have your eye on the latest model but don’t want to trade in your current device, you still may be able to get some money for it. Used and refurbished phones are popular among users who don’t care about having the latest devices. However, before you hit Facebook Marketplace or Craiglist, you’re going to want to prepare your phone for resale.

Selling Your Phone

There are a few things to do before you sell your phone. The most important thing is to erase your phone, so the new owner doesn’t have access to your data. We shall discuss this more in a moment. Be sure to do some research on your phone to make sure you get as much as possible for it. When determining the price look at other phones of similar configuration to identify your phone’s worth. Remember, if you paid $800 for it three years ago, you probably wouldn’t get $800 for it today. If you hung on to the original box/accessories and your phone has been in a case for its entire life, you may be able to get more for it.

Clearing Your Data

It should be pretty clear on why you would want to erase any personal data on your phone before you resell it. Below are the steps to delete data from both iPhones and Android devices.

Steps To Erase Data from Your iPhone

  1. Disconnect your iPhone from any connected Bluetooth Devices
  2. Backup your data to a computer via iTunes or the cloud with iCloud
  3. Sign out of iCloud by choosing Settings > Your iCloud Name > Sign Out > Turn Off
  4. Clear your data by choosing Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings

Steps To Erase Soundbar Your Android Device

  1. Disconnect your iPhone from any connected Bluetooth Devices
  2. Sync all current apps to your account by choosing System > Backup > Back Up to Google Drive. You can also move your data to a removable microSD card if you have one. If you have a Samsung Device, you can install SmartSwitch on to your computer and back up your phone there
  3. Clear your data by choosing Settings > System > Reset or Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone

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